Here is a list of tasty barbecue sauce brands

Here is a list of tasty barbecue sauce brands

A party with a barbecue main dish is often the top choice for a family gathering agenda or gathering with close friends. Because almost everyone likes fresh meat wrapped in grilled food and served with these vegetables.

One of the factors of whether or not the barbecue is delicious is in the sauce. There are indeed many barbecue sauce products, but not all of them are of high quality and have a delicious taste. You can’t be fooled by the lure of cheap prices! Here we review some brands of barbecue sauce that are really tasty and high quality:

1.Remia Wild Bill, American Garlic Sauce

Meat and garlic are a blend of ingredients that 100% will bring a delicious taste on your plate. You can get the delicacy of garlic for barbecue through this product. The presence of garlic in this product also makes the meat more juicy with a tempting fragrance when grilled.

Made from natural ingredients with an egg content, but gluten free, this product is healthy for consumption. The combination of spices also add to the deliciousness. The combination of barbecue sauce included in the series of the real American BBQ / grill sauces will surely make the garlic lovers fall in love.

2. Beef Bulgogi Marinade, BBQ Sauce Beef

You connoisseurs of Korean dramas must have watched the scene of the cast enjoying galbi or Korean-style barbecue with gusto. No need to drool because you can make your own Korean-style barbecue at home!

This Korean barbecue sauce from Beef Bulgogi Marinade can help you realize the dream of enjoying Korean-style barbecue! But of course there is no accompanying oppa like in the drama huh.

Made from salty soy sauce plus pear and apple juice, this sauce tastes savory, sweet, and fresh, but also soft so that it fits on anyone’s tongue. This sauce made from natural ingredients is suitable for both beef and lamb ribs.

In addition, the product with 0.49% alcohol content is also practically used as a marinate seasoning to make the meat more tender. The price is quite cheap considering this is imported goods.

3. Knorr Barbeque Sauce

Grilled Knorr Sauce is an ideal sauce for popular grilled dishes such as BBQ Chicken and grilled salmon. Can be used as a marinade or sauce for fried dishes.

This sauce has a distinctive aroma and captivates many people, namely hickory smoke. This aroma is so strong and very practical for you who do not want to be complicated in applying the sauce to the dough or cooking.

Knorr Barbeque Sauce can be directly mixed into your cooked dishes, or come cooked with raw dough. In addition, this sauce can also be used as a filling alias filling of your cooking creations you know! You can be as creative as possible with this one product.

This Knorr barbecue sauce is very delicious in fact. Can be used when with family to eat dishes that require spices as a spice barbeque.

4. AKU a Barbecue Sauce

I AM Barbecue sauce is a sauce that can be consumed directly as a dip or reprocessed. It is the right choice to complement your steak, fried potato chips, chips, marinated spices, and your stir-fried dishes.

You need to know, that the local brand AKU Barbeque Sauce has been used in many restaurants and big hotels in Indonesia, such as Yoshinoya, KFC, Outback, Tony Romas, Hyatt, Texas Chicken, Sushi Tei, Shangri-La, and many more.

This product has also been certified by BPOM, HALAL (MUI), and ISO 22000. Because I AM Barbeque Sauce is a local product, it is clearly the price is cheap but not cheap and still of high quality.

5. Mc Lewis BBQ Barbeque Sauce

Want to cook a steak or barbecue but are confused about how to make the sauce? In supermarkets, you can find ready-to-use bottled sauces, but the price is expensive but the taste is not necessarily suitable. Veera Frozen Food Surabaya provides a choice of barbecue sauce for you with the McLewis brand.

Sauce or BBQ or BBQ sauce is a thick brown sauce that tastes savory and sweet, spicy, functions and uses for cooking or all-round meat, grilled or fried and stir-fried.

The sauce can also be for steak, beef, black pepper, grilled sausage, french fries, chicken and so on. To cook anything, you can count on this McLewis and your food is guaranteed to be more delicious many times over!

The unique taste of the barbecue sauce, which is sour and sweet, can arouse your appetite. Usually this barbecue sauce is used as a grill or mixed in cooking.

You can try the five barbecue sauces one by one to choose which one you like the most. Remember, no matter how expensive the meat you buy, it will not be useful if the sauce you buy is wrong or does not match. Therefore, experiment well before the barbecue party is held huh.