Joey Grover


Joey Grover traded in his tie and Dockers in 2011 to join Livio’s quirky team of engineers and specialize in mobile tech development. At Livio, Grover specializes in mobile software development through the Livio Connect protocol.

While at Livio, he’s been behind several developments including dynamically launching apps from hardware, connection management between Livio Connected apps and the Livio Android development suite that premiered at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.

Prior to joining Livio, Joey worked as an applications developer at IBM Global Business Services where he worked with data access and management on different project teams for IBM clients. He was also a part of Audio Enthusiasts and Engineers as a team leader where he organized and supervised the first electric drum kit build team.

Before he became a coding rock star, Joey earned his undergraduate degree in computer and electrical engineering from Michigan State University. While there, he cultivated his love for all things nerdy.

When he’s not typing or checking his ones and zero’s, you can find Joey sharing LOL cat memes, riding his motorcycle around metro Detroit or cheering on his Spartans in East Lansing.

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