A challenge to create a Big Android BBQ themed Android game.


Submission Guidelines




There will be six regular BABBQ staff judges – We also have two celebrity judges who will pick and critique their favorite games!

Judges will critique the games based on design, gameplay, creativity, and fun factor. Each category will be rated on a scale from 0 to 10. The winner of the contest will have to excel in each category, so make sure your game works and is fun!


Is the game aesthetically pleasing? Does the audio contribute positively to the game’s atmosphere? Does the design fit the game? A 3D sprite on a flat background would not score as well as a complete 8bit environment. Make sure you are consistent in the design of the game.


Are the gameplay systems appropriately developed and executed? Is the difficulty level suitable and engaging? If judges can’t figure out how to play the game or it is too difficult to make any progress, they will have a difficult time providing an accurate assessment of the game.


Is there a creative use of gameplay mechanics? Is there an original story? We look forward to playing FlappyBABBQ, however to receive more points you will want to come up with an original concept.

Fun Factor

Is the game enjoyable? We understand fun is subjective but it’s important that a beautifully functional and looking game also be fun to play. No matter how nice a game looks or functions if it isn’t fun nobody will play.


One point will be deducted for each glitch that breaks game play or causes a force close. Every five minor bugs/errors that are discovered will result in additional point reduction. Not all glitches will be discovered, but those that are noted will result in a penalty.

Judging Period

Judges will typically play between 20 minutes and one hour with each game (unless the game is significantly flawed, in which case they reserve the right to end the playthrough at any time). This is so the judges can deliver the results in a timely manner. Games are not judged on length so even if a game is very short or very long it will not be penalized.


The judges will record their scores and rank the top games by average total score. In the case of ties, the judges will determine which game breaks the tie with a group discussion.



In addition to the descriptions and guidelines above, there are several important rules to consider. Breaking rules will result in penalties up to and including disqualification.

  1. Games must be complete, started no earlier than August 18th, and created by you (unless you have permission to post the game). No exceptions!
  2. You must have the right to use all assets, tools, and anything else involved in the creation of the game, such as the engine/software, visual resources, music, and so forth. Pre-existing assets are allowed as long as the actual game was not started before August 18th.
  3. Games must be finished and submited by September 19, 2014 11:59PM CST. No extensions will be given. Upload in advance to avoid any unfortunate accidents or difficulties on the final day of submissions.
  4. There is no limit on team size; you can work alone, or with a large team. Teams will have to split the prizes.
  5. Each person may be directly involved in up to two submissions. You could work on a team and a solo project.
  6. No mature content: Games should be appropriate for all ages. Games including pornographic material or extreme violence will not be considered.
  7. Everyone involved in a project should be credited. This includes the creators of resources (graphics, music, scripts, etc.)!
  8. Games must be submitted via this form and have a working APK available.
  9. Games must be in English. You are welcome to have translations in any language you would like, however the submission for judging must be in English.
  10. Games must be playable on Android.
  11. Winners who do not want their prize can request that it be given to the person/team with the next highest score.
  12. The judges and contest hosts reserve the right to disqualify or ban any game or person for reasons including but not limited to the violation of these rules. Judges' decisions are final. Judges and contest organizers reserve the right to add to adjust these rules for clarification.
  13. Restrictions on age and nationality are subject to the contestant's local, state, and/or national laws.
  14. No purchase necessary. Must be at least 13 years of age or older to register and submit entries.
  15. Prizes will be delivered electronically via the e-mail address associated with the user who submitted the game.
  16. Winners will be responsible for all taxes and fees associated with their prize package.

Creators retain all rights to their respective works. The contest organizers (Android BBQ Inc.) reserve the right to promote the game on the appropriate websites, blogs, social media, etc.

The judges will do their best to enforce the rules, but bear no responsibility for any entries that violate the rules against their knowledge.



*(Teams may select a different ticket combination depending on the size of the group)